WARNING: If you disobey the rules, you get 2 warnings! If you fail to obey them, then I, or the rest of the staff, may ban you!

Note from Feather: You may roleplay if your cat is not on the list. Admins are not always on, they have lives outside of Roleplay.

1. Respect all of the staff.

2. Do NOT make your cats absurdly unrealstic! They cannot have rainbow colors like blue and pink or purple and red, nor may they have powers unless affiliated with an Administrator-approved plot.

3. Use realistic usernames. Example: An acceptable name would be something like Leafshadow, but do not use names like leafshadow32896, or Galaxystar, computerfoot, etc. they can't have names that use twoleg/human objects.

4. Your cat cannot have twoleg items, unless they are/used to be a kittypet.

5. Tom x tom/she-cat x she-cat relationships are A-okay.

6. Your cat cannot have any relation to cats in the original Warriors series, as we are RPing a generation long after that. They can be descendants of cats in the series, but that is all.

7. You may not use the same names of any cats in the original series. Leaders and medicine cats, please look out for this when naming ceremonies occur.

8. Please tell the Site Owner (Breezestar) if you are leaving for a while, so they know that you haven't quit.

9. Don't spam the RP forums, especially the leader's den.

10. The leader's dens are for roleplay ONLY.

11. Under no circumstances will cyber-bullying be tolerated, and will result in an immediate banning.

12. Light swearing is alright, but don't abuse the power! Keep it to a minimum as we may have young roleplayers! You may never use swearing in an offensive fashion towards another member.

13. You may only have one mate at a time.

14. No power-playing! Example: "Ash leaped at Dusttail, raking his claws across both of his eyes, blinding him. he then leaped onto his back and bit down on the back of his neck, hard." That is UNACCEPTABLE! First of all, you must ask the other roleplayer if you can blind their cat or something like that. You must also use your first attack move, then wait for the other player's next reply, and depending on what they do, you can make the next move.

15. You may only roleplay your characters, not the characters of other roleplayers unless you have their permission.

16. Don't create new roleplaying topics. Only administrators have the authority to do so.

17. No detailed mating, birthing, etc.

18. For now, everyone can have up to 3 High-Ranks, but they have to die eventually. At the point that you have only one High-Rank, you can only continue to have one or no High-Ranks.

19. If your cat is a Leader or a Medicine Cat and choosing a Deputy/Apprentice, please do not choose your own character to be a successor, as it is not fair to other players.