Greetings, young one! It seems you have stumbled upon my paws. Well, why not I introduce myself? Oh, quit your whimpering, I will not hurt you! In any event, I am Breezestar, the leader of WindClan. You may have heard of our neighbors, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and of course SkyClan, which is very far away from here. The Clans had an awful leaf-bare recently.. so much war... a dreadful loss of cats, mostly from Deathcough, and loss of prey.. all blood, all the wounds.. Ah, such tragedy. With this, I ask you to perhaps... join our ranks in the Clans? As the noble leader of WindClan, I shall allow you, and anyone else you may find, to become one of us. You have only a short time to choose, so pick wisely. 

Hello all, and welcome to my new site! As said before, I am Breezestar! I ask you to please respect me and my fellow staff - Scarletsky, Featherwish, Wolfstar, Dawnstar, Coral and Lionsky - and to follow all the rules! 

There is also a K/L/R (Kittypets/Loners/rogues) page, as well as BloodClan, StarClan, The Dark Forest, Tribe of Rushing Water, and the Tribe of Endless Hunting! I hope you all enjoy the site, so have fun roleplaying!!

Added rule 18

The weather: It is currently Green-Leaf! (Smumer) 

The sun is shining through the thick layers of trees, and over the moor as well. The prey is out of their burrows, and clans can hope to hunt freely. The air gradually gets warmer. The Clans ar


The sickness Deathcough is still roaming in the Clans, and Medicine cats are trying desperately to find a cure. They have tried many ideas, and have yet to fail in discovering the correct herbs.


Starclan is going to send dreams to the Medicine cats and Leaders of the Clans and Tribe, showing the cure to Deathcough. The herb is far away in the mountains, and all four Medicine Cats - with two Warriors at their aid - are going to travel together on a treacherous journey. The Leaders will discuss this at an emergency gathering and decide if they are going to send their medicine cats to the mountains. If the Clan has no Medicine Cat, the Leader will take their place. Two or one of the most trusted warriors will be sent with them in case of any danger. If you have any questions about this plot, please ask the admins.